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You are either on my side, by my side, or in my way, choose wisely Wolf T-Shirt by Protect The Wolves™

Are you looking for a comfy and classy T-Shirt? Do you want to buy something that makes a difference in the real world because of YOUR purchase? Well then, look no more because you just clicked on the right product, OUR WOLF T-SHIRTS?
Usually, when you are shopping for t-shirts, you are only looking to find something comfortable and stylish to wear, something that will complement your style and make you look more amazing while making the statement that you desire. However, while buying our Wolf Tshirts you are not just adding style and class to your wardrobe with our cotton made, top quality hoodies but you are also contributing to a great cause! Yes, the money that you invest in buying these Choose Wisely Wolf T-Shirts all proceeds goes to our education, outreach, research, and legal programs that are working tirelessly to protect wolves. We have the lawyers and we have the attorneys, all set to fight for the rights of wolves that are being brutally targeted by the ranchers, politicians and greedy hunters that only want to benefit themselves while endangering the ecosystem. We can fight them with your help! Your one purchase funds this noble cause and it would be a purchase that you will never regret!

Wolves are important to the food chain. They are predators that feed on the weak, diseased, injured deer, elk or moose that keeps the entire animal population in check. If wolves were to be hunted down and eliminated from the environment, it would lead to an overpopulation of the above-mentioned animals greatly disrupting the food chain. Wolves, by eating other animals, redistribute nutrients in the soil that are important to keep other wildlife species such as grizzly bears, to survive and live. Buying our t-shirts not only helps you but it also helps these wolves that are one of the endangered animals on this Earth.

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