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About Us

Our Items are sourced especially for Our Followers and our Wolf Lovers.

  Purchasing from our Shop will help Us not only work towards Protecting Our Sacred Species, protect Our Children's Resources for their enjoyment, but assist Us in Getting Our Research into the courts.

You can Help to Protect The Wolves™ with every single  Purchase. This year even your Children's gifts can help to begin creating a Miracle for Wolves.

All Proceeds benefit Our Education, Outreach, Research and Legal Programs.

Protect The Wolves™ Vision requires Your help and support to protect not only wolves, grizzlies, bison, but to insure these magnificent resources remain healthy for our children's children. After all wolves, canids, canis lupus, grizzlies, bison to name a few, are our children's resources. Protect The Wolves views it as our responsibility to insure that wolves get treated not only fair, but protected using every tool we have available.

  While Protect The Wolves™ is working towards ending needless slaughter of our Keystone Species, it is important that we educate the public on exactly the methods used to wrongfully target the public's resources. Join Our Voice Today to become the Howl Heard around The World Tomorrow!

2011- 2018 were terrible years for wolves in states like Idaho, Wyoming and Montana where hundreds of gray wolves were needlessly slaughtered or maimed in cruel traps during hunting season, or at the request of ranchers. Canids were unjustly targeted due to wrongful political pressures from ranchers, used as vote gatherers, blamed for depredations that weren't caused by the Canis lupus.

Help Protect The Wolves to stop the needless wolf slaughter and to protect the wolves™. We are asking for your assistance to help  Grow Our Voice, with your loving support, Protect The Wolves can become an unstoppable Voice needed by the Canis Lupus. You as well as the general public can Help Protect The Wolves to end needless wolf slaughter by becoming a Member/Supporter with a one-time gift as small as $5.00 or become a steadfast Supporter with a monthly contribution that will ultimately enable our voice to become the voice that our wildlife need in today's society.. Our Attorneys have the best available research and waiting for funding to proceed.

Our Solid Foundation has begun by acquiring Tribal Endorsements, which we are succeeding in doing. No Large Org has this capability according to what they tell us.


 Our mission statement uses not only Education but outspoken advocacy for wolves across North America, while using our Native American Religious Treaty Rights,  including all foreign countries, by providing necessary education regarding our keystone species, which not only includes Wolves, but Grizzlies, Bison, and Wild Horses just to name a few.

Education, for one is important, We will always encourage civil and intelligent debate, We will use the necessary tools to show people what is actually happening to our wildlife.

We have the best available current Trust Research that also incorporates the Native American Circle of Life element. Just because we promote education without attitude, does not mean that we approve of their practices. Protect The Wolves™

~Patricia and Roger (530) 377-3031

Please become part of this Vision as if it was Your Own to not only Support Protect the Wolves™, but to begin to take necessary direct action through courts  as if it was your Vision!

None of us have the necessary funding to make this happen on our own. But Together we can make an Impact in the lives of Wolves as well as People . All supporters will be invited to participate in all of our programs, either online, or at The Sanctuary. Please Help Protect the Wolves™ vision by becoming a part of it as if it was your own to not only keep these animals safe, but to educate the public on their need!

Help us make certain that these amazing animals are available for our children's children to see, thereby insuring that they retain their important role in the circle of life.

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