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Protect The Wolves™

Working towards Protecting your Children's Resources

All Proceeds Benefit

Our Education, Research, Outreach and Legal Programs

These Lil Guys

Most likely lost their parents

With Your Help

We can insure that Wolves will be available for Our Children's Children

We Need to Act

and act fast to Protect The Wolves™

Protect The Wolves Collection

Wolf Themed Clothing for our Alpha Females

Super Hot sellers


Protect The Wolves™ Sourced my Authentic Navajo necklace, it is signed and incredible! I love my new Squash Blossom Necklace. It is Beautiful. Thank you Protect The Wolves

- Melinda

I love my new Protect The Wolves Hat and Shirts

- Ed

I love my Dreamcatchers, shirts, oh yes and the hat.

- Michelle

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